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You'll love the story behind this essential oil!

The inspiration for iKOU “Breathe Wellness" blend came from the Japanese wellness principle of Shinrin-yoku, also known as  Forest Bathing.

Health studies found that immersing oneself in a lush forest of Hinoki pine trees and inhaling the vapours of the essential oils emitted by the trees gave an instant boost to the health.⁣ It lowered stress levels and blood pressure, boosted immunity and gave a feeling of increased wellbeing.⁣

Further tests were carried out in enclosed hotel rooms for two weeks where half the participants isolated in the rooms were given pine oil to vaporise through the room, the other half had none.⁣ The participants without the essential oils diffusing presented with decreased immunity, and increased feelings of depression and anxiety.⁣

Can you guess what happened to the essential oil participants? They reported the same positive mental and physical benefits as being in the forest!⁣ These aromatherapy gifts of nature can have a powerful effect on our wellbeing.⁣

Breathe Wellness is the perfect choice if you are spending a lot of time indoors.⁣ This fresh, clean blend of Forest Bathing inspired pure, essential oils is a fusion of fir needle oil from pine trees and Australian eucalyptus.⁣

Using this in an iKOU diffuser you will also get negative-ion and air purifying benefits from the cold steam.

This fresh, healthful pure essential oil blend is a little boost in a bottle! 


- Seeking motivation
- Feeling unwell
- Seeking mental clarity
- Feeling depleted by stress

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